Genuine Russian Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam, Фенотропил) 100 mg, 10 or 30 pills/pack

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What is Phenotropil?

The chemical structure of Phenotropil is based on the original Piracetam molecule with a slight modification. It gets the name Phenylpiracetam from the fact that it features an additional Phenyl group molecule to make it more bioavailable than normal Piracetam. While Piracetam does have a lot of cognitive enhancement potential in its own right, this supplement is generally regarded as having low concentration.

Phenotropil improves on this with a much higher absorption rate so you need a significantly smaller dosages in order to get the same effects. We also know that Phenotropil is faster acting and has better penetration of the blood-brain barrier. Together, these optimizations are the reason that Phenotropil has an increased potency of up to 60 times the strength of Piracetam.

Suggested Uses Of Phenotropil:

Individuals who should consider using this supplement (in moderation, of course) includes students, athletes, and those interested in boosting their energy levels. Anyone looking to stay alert and awake, whether this is needed for studying or being more productive at work could benefit from this supplement. It can be used before a test in order to bolster focus and improve memory (although during an actual study session will probably be more effective than right before the test itself).

Athletes and bodybuilders can also reap a lot of benefits from this supplement. Not only can it be an effective pre workout substance to help you train harder, but many have found it also helps with recovery. Strength and weight training athletes may feel like they can recover faster after intense workouts with Phenotropil. Many fitness enthusiasts also say that endurance and stamina are increased with this supplement and that they see a reduction in their overall stress levels.

If you work in an environment that demands a lot of focus and puts you under consistent mental strain, you might find Phenotropil particularly effective. Phenotropil increases mental energy and makes it easier to concentrate and work for long hours. But this is not caffeine-like energy that can leave you burned out at the end of the day. It is actually a much cleaner form of cellular energy, unlike what would be expected from amphetamines. Phenotropil is a stimulant, but not in the typical sense because it works more by increasing the metabolism in your brain. As such, there is no associated restlessness, nervousness or jitters as the effect wears off

Phenotropil Benefits:

Benefits for this supplement fall into several categories with most related to cognition. As the substance passes into the central nervous system it begins to modulate several different neurotransmitters. The first of these is Acetylcholine. Phenotropil actually binds to the receptor sites for Acetylcholine and causes them to activate. This brain chemical is a key player in the formation of memories, learning, and a number of additional cognitive processes. As such, taking Phenotropil helps to improve memory, expand learning capacity, and enhance overall cognition. It may even help to speed up recall, remove ‘brain fog’ and increase the fluidity of your thoughts making everything seem more clear.

Phenotropil also helps to modulate the neurotransmitters GABA and Dopamine. GABA is the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter within the body and helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Dopamine is also responsible for influencing mood and movement. This also may explain why athletes see an increase in their focus, stamina, endurance and tolerance to stress (especially cold weather). Boosting dopamine levels in athletes and bodybuilders can also help you endure longer and more intense workouts, improving alertness, and being able to recover faster.


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Genuine Russian Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam, Фенотропил) 100 mg, 10 or 30 pills/pack

Genuine Russian Phenotropil (Phenylpiracetam, Фенотропил) 100 mg, 10 or 30 pills/pack

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